Fall 2020

SPA 212 - Applied Linguistics (Claudia Sánchez-Gutiérrez)

LIN 265 - Language, Performance, & Power (Julia Menard-Warwick)

LIN 282 - Individual & Social Aspects of Bilingualism (David Corina)

Winter 2021

SPA 215 - Introducción al análisis del discurso multimodal (Cecilia Colombi)

FRE/GER/SPA 291 - Foreign Language Learning (Carlee Arnett)- approved substitution for LIN 280

Spring 2021

LIN 250—Principles of Typological Linguistics (Jack Hawkins)- applies to SLA and Cognition
Cross-linguistic comparison and typology, including word order, morphological typology, complex clauses, semantic categories and their grammaticalization, and applications of typology to language acquisition.