Courses 2013-14

SLA Course Offerings 2013-14

Fall 2013

LIN 280: Theories of Second Language Acquisition (Vai Ramanathan). Core requirement.
SPA 215: Topics in Hispanic Linguistics (Travis Bradley). SLA & Cognition elective.

Winter 2014

EDU 249: Discourse Analysis in Educational Settings (Karen Watson-Gegeo). Pedagogy or SLA in Society elective.
FRE/GER/SPA 291: Foreign Language Learning in the Classroom (Kirsten Harjes). Can substitute for LIN 280.
SPA 215: Spanish for Bilinguals (Cecilia Colombi). SLA & Multilingualism elective.

Spring 2014

EDU 253: Language and Literacy in Linguistic Minorities (Barbara Merino). SLA in Society elective.
LIN 205: Topic TBA  (John Hawkins). SLA & Cognition elective.
LIN 281: Research Methods in TESOL/SLD (Robert Bayley). Core requirement..
PSC 264: Topics in Psycholinguistics (Matthew Traxler). SLA & Cognition elective.