Fall 2015

(none this fall)

Winter 2016

EDU 249: Discourse Analysis in Educational Settings (Karen Watson-Gegeo). Pedagogy or SLA in Society Elective.
FRE/GER/SPA 291(cross-listed): Foreign Language Learning in the Classroom (Carlee Arnett). Core requirement.
LIN 280: Theories of Second Language Acquisition (Vai Ramanathan). Core requirement.
LIN 282: Bilingualism (David Corina). SLA and Multilingualism Elective.
SPA 215: Topics in Hispanic Linguistics: Gramática funcional (Cecilia Colombi). Pedagogy Elective.

Spring 2016

EDU 253 Language and Literacy in Linguistic Minorities (Staff). SLA in Society Elective.
LIN 250 Principles of Typological Linguistics (John Hawkins). SLA and Multilingualism Elective.